Re:[gnome-network] network status applet?

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 22:34, German Poo Caaman~o wrote:
> El dom, 05-10-2003 a las 18:32, Josh Krueger escribió:
> > Hi, just wondering if theres any plans for an network status applet(
> > if one exists that im not aware of), somthing along the lines of
what is
> > in the taskbar of Win2k and up, somthing that tells you whether
there is
> > a link, or in the case of wireless, tell if it is associated w/ an
> > also being able to adjust adapter settings (ip/subnet/gateway or
> > to use dhcp, add/remove routes) or call up the larger gnome-network
> > utility. 
> The information is available through gnome-netinfo.  But and
> with applets is needed.  AFAIR, network applets exists and 
> Mark McLoughlin was working in something like that.

> gnome-netinfo show more information, usefuless if we think
> only in the network state.
        I did know that this was available through the gnome-netinfo
tool, and was thinking that needing such a large app would be kind of
pointless if the user only wants to know link status and speed.

> However, Release/Negotiate a new address by DHCP looks like a
> gnome system tool task.  This is not a task for a common user (whitout
> priviledges).

        Perhaps that could be worked in w/ gnome system tools somehow
(probrobly not the place to talk about that though) and then have an
option on a menu in the applet to goto that tool. Just a
suggestion...But I would like to know what Mark McLoughlin had done and
what he was doing with it. 

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