Re: [gnome-network] network status applet?

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 00:32, Josh Krueger wrote:
> Hi, just wondering if theres any plans for an network status applet( or
> if one exists that im not aware of), somthing along the lines of what is
> in the taskbar of Win2k and up, somthing that tells you whether there is
> a link, or in the case of wireless, tell if it is associated w/ an ap.
> also being able to adjust adapter settings (ip/subnet/gateway or specify
> to use dhcp, add/remove routes) or call up the larger gnome-network info
> utility. 
there is already an applet that does so, gnome-netstatus in CVS, which
we plan to integrate into gnome-network one of these days. At least,
that's what we talked with its author some months ago.


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