Re: [gnome-network]libgnetwork API/ABI Stability

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 18:06, James M. Cape wrote:
> I'm slowly working towards the newer libgnetwork code (I just finished
> my last midterm), and I was wondering about the API/ABI stability issues
> in libgnetwork vs. the GNOME 2.5.0 release.
> The changes will break both source and binary compat with what is
> currently in CVS HEAD, and with a 2.5.0 release approaching today, I was
> wondering about a general consensus on this.
> Is it acceptable to release into 2.5.0 with what is in there now, and an
> incompatible 2.5.1, or would it be better to get all the break-stuff
> changes in there now and create a buildable-but-non-working release for
> 2.5.0?
the API/ABI freeze will happen in some months, so we've got all that
time to have a broken API.

> My personal feeling is that so long as nothing uses libgnetwork between
> now and 2.5.1, it's OK to release as-is now, and then just make sure all
> the changes are ready in time for 2.5.1.
right, it's ok. The 2.5.x release cycle will be for
stabilizing/improving, etc. The API/ABI freeze will come later.


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