[gnome-network]Re: Including libgnetwork in 2.5.0

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 11:37, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> You have forgotten libsoup which is still used by Evolution (but it will
> no longer be the case with evolution 2.0)..
evolution 2.0 will still be using soup.

> Is there any hope to try to consolidate some (if not all) those libs in
> one RULE-THEM-ALL network lib ? Having yet another network library will
> probably not help for GNOME platform adoption for network stuff in the
> future..
that was my main goal when talking with Jim about merging libgtcpsocket
into libgnetwork. I think libgnetwork now provides a good base, and we
just need to adapt the code in other libraries to it. One of the most
interesting things might be to add libsoup's HTTP/HTTPS implementation,
which is working pretty well now for evo 2.0 thanks to Dan Winship.

Also, gmdns will be integrated very soon.


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