Re: [gnome-network]Re: gnome-network VPN client

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 13:29, Paul Coates wrote:
> > hmm, this sounds a lot like ppp connection setup, which we dropped in
> > favor of having it in gnome-system-tools (a more admin-like set of
> > tools). If users need root access, and things work as other network
> > interfaces, this sounds much better to be implemented in
> > gnome-system-tools.
> Hmm. I did not realise ppp stuff was going to be handled by gst and not
> gnome-network. I'll have to give gst a whirl and see how much it
> overlaps/can be adapted to handle VPN using pptp.
it seems to me, from what I understand, that these can be perfectly
integrated in the network configuration tool in gst, which already
requires root access. Also, since VPN is another way of setting up
network connections, it seems to fit there very well.


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