RE: [gnome-network]RE: Including libgnetwork in 2.5.0

> From: Rodrigo Moya [mailto:rodrigo gnome-db org] 
> well, if we push it right into the platform, we might come to 
> having all GNOME applications using this for their networking 
> access (evolution, xchat, gnome-blog, etc, etc, etc), which 
> would be a good move.

Because this seems to be a new API, I'd like it to get more usage before
being added to the platform. However, that's only an issue for the Platform,
not the Desktop. It might be added to the Desktop if it's needed by a
Desktop application such as the proposed gnome-network. In the meantime, it
doesn't need to be in the Platform for applications to use it.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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