Re: [gnome-network]Downman

On Mër , 2003-10-29 at 00:08, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > now that Rodney has uploaded his code?
> I have been waiting the code for too long. I can not access the code, it 
> does not show in bonsai not in anon cvs because it lags (reason for 

It looks like bonsai/lxr find it. The bonsai service does not run off of
anoncvs. You were probably looking in gnome-network/ for it.

> which I have told Rodney to send me his code). I have tried *many* times 
> to get Rodney to send me _any_ code, to share code and ideas for days 
> and days I have been always told to wait and wait. Sorry, but my idea of 
> free software is to share code, ideas and so on. Also, Rodney told me he 

The exact same code has been available for quite some time in
emphetamine. You have been by all means, free to go and grab it. There
is nothing new in this code really, other than the fact that this
doesn't seem to work properly yet, and the code has been renamed and is
being split up into a client/server architecture. I told you that there
were other issues I had to deal with, and that I didn't have time to do
this stuff yet. And there has been no real need for me to get any
particular piece of specific code into a new module in CVS in any real
hurry. It's all the exact same code that is used in many other places.
There is nothing particularly special about it, other than the fact that
it creates a tarball called gnome-transfer-manager. And because you do
not maintain the gnome-network module, nor are you on the gnome release
team, you were not the one that I needed to discuss certain issues which
may surround the import of a new module, into CVS. Rodrigo was. And now
that those issues are dealt with, gnome-transfer-manager is now in CVS.

> has no plan, is low on time and has no idea of what needs to be done for 
> the transfer manager.

Nor will I ever claim to really have a plan. Plans constantly change.
Especially when they involve the creation of a new software project. I
am certainly somewhat low on time available to me for writing code. And
having someone come on to irc, and constantly annoy me asking for code
that doesn't do anything, doesn't magically give me more time either. If
you want to discuss real issues with a typical transfer manager, that's
different. But hounding me for code that has been in CVS in at least 10
different instances for more than a year, is not very friendly. As for
what needs to be done for the transfer manager, I definitely have a good
idea of what that is. However, since the code I do have doesn't work on
a level beyond starting a bonobo daemon and sitting there doing nothing,
I can't tell you "work on this specific piece of code that doesn't exist
in this source yet" really.

> The problem seems to be comunication, sorry if I have failed at it. One 
> of the things that keeps me interested in helping gnome-vfs is that you 
> can talk with teuf about problems, solutions, ideas and code. I didn't 
> found this on Rodney.

Hounding me to put code that basically tries to do gnome_vfs_async_xfer
and handles that piece of IDL and the bonobo initialization, is not at
all talking about problems, solutions, ideas or code.

> Rodney, I apologize if you feel wrong about me thinking this. I tell you 
> all again that the problem is communication and *we* seem to fail at 
> getting to it.

> I will try to help where I can.

Sadly, from your recent e-mails about the transfer manager, and your
behaviour towards me on IRC, I just don't get the feeling that this is

-- dobey

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