Re: [gnome-network]ssh and the gnome desktop

On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 16:38, Mark Finlay wrote:
> > >  which is nice. It
> > > still needs to stabalising and bugfixing and stuff.
> > > 
> > works pretty well for me, I haven't had problems with it. What problems
> > are you getting with it?
> * if i open a file off sftp: with gedit it is read only
hmm, right, I hadn't tried that, since I mostly use it for copying files

> * It'd nice if nautilus gave you some indication that it is trying to
> connect.
it does so when opening other network things, IIRC, so, maybe there's
something missing in the SFTP code?

> * Sometimes I loose the connection and have to restart nautilus to
> connect again. Could be a vfs bug tho.
> > > Has anyone given this area any thought? gnome-vfs-sftp isn't even in
> > > Gnome cvs.
> > >  Should it be added and become part of the gnome-network
> > > meta-package or should it be added as a module to gnome-vfs?
> > >
> > I think it's going to be added to gnome-vfs, not sure. There are plans,
> > thats for sure, for 2.6 to fix that.
> Cool. Know who's planning?
no idea, I talked with Alex Larsson recently about it, and that's what I
understood. I'm not sure though if there's really someone working on it.

> > 
> > > Someone(probably me) needs to contact it's maintainer and try and get it
> > > sorted...
> > > 
> > > I'd really like to get this in a much better shape for Gnome 2.6
> > >
> > yes, I think in fact having ssh: working as well as sftp does might be
> > an easy affordable compromise.
> If it could work that would be great, but sftp is a lot faster, and I'm
> not sure if ssh: could be made that fast. donno
ssh: uses the ssh command and executes commands on the server directly,
which is a bit ugly :-(

I'd vote then for contacting gnome-vfs-sftp author and see what the
plans are. If it's not included into gnome-vfs, we'll accept it in
gnome-network, so that it gets included in 2.6.


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