[gnome-network]RE: Status : A few questions?


As a Network Designer/Engineer/Administrator, I have keen interest in the network side of things. Gnome is my desktop environment of choice. So this project is match I would like to see grow. I wanted to reply to the "Status" email, but found I was unsure what or where some of my suggestions would fit. I was looking for some sort of scope for what it is this project is meant to encompass. Could someone clarify more on this particular aspect.
A suggestion that I did want to add
Network Info - the routing tables were missing. I always wanted some application that displayed the routing information a little nicer than is currently the norm. ;)
I'd like to discuss this one more.
Do firewalls fit in here? Should this also be a front-end for "ip"? (incl TOS)

Looking forward to some feedback and to contributing to some useful networking tools :)


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