Re: [gnome-network]GnetworkHttpServer and GNOME Personal Web Server

El mar, 09-09-2003 a las 11:57, Rodrigo Moya escribió:
> it looks great, although some comments:
> * use GNetwork* for types, not Gnetwork, which looks really ugly.


> * code like:
> 	server->priv = g_new0 (GnetworkHttpServerPrivate, 1);
>         server->priv->cserver = NULL;
> is redundant, since g_new0 already sets the structure's contents to 0.

Oh, yes, thanks

> * in the _finalize method, the best thing is to:
> 	if (priv) {
> 		/* free everything */
> 		priv = NULL;
> 	}
> Also, it seems you forgot to remove the idle call in _finalize. If you
> don't do so, when the HttpServer object is destroyed, the idle callback
> will continue being called.

Ops, you are right...

> * use GNOME coding guidelines which include using:
> 	if (whatever == v)
> instead of
> 	if ( whatever == v )
> That is, remove the extra spaces after and before the parens.
> Also, dont use:
> 	function_call(param1, param...);
> but:
> 	function_call (param1, param...);
> That is, leave a space before the opening paren.


> * stopping the server by just left clicking on the icon seems a bit
> weird to me. So, instead of directly stopping, I'd rather prefer having
> a dialog pop up to ask the user what to do.

Yes, I'm working in a popup menu with start/stop and configure, and a
better icon :)

> yes, please fix the above stuff and commit.


> And well, which objects are you going to add?

none at the moment, but perhaps a GNetworkFTPServer can be a good start

regards, apg.

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