[gnome-network]Re: gnome-network question

On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 17:46 -0700, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan wrote:
> Hi Rodrigo,

Forwarding your mail to gnome-network-list.

> I've been taking a look at fixing some bugs in the gnome-remote-shell
> utility. I believe I've found a bug with the way the application opens a
> ssh connection with gnome-terminal.
> The application does a lookup of terminal preferences in Gconf,
> specifically the exec and exec_arg keys. For example, my desktop has
> gnome-terminal and -x as the values of those keys. Gnome-remote-shell
> uses those values to launch an ssh connection within gnome-terminal. It
> seems that gnome-terminal creates a window and destroys itself in less
> than a second. However, using the -e option does the right thing. Try
> this to see the difference:
> gnome-terminal -x "ssh localhost"
> gnome-terminal -e "ssh localhost"
as the help says:

  -e, --command=STRING                            Execute the argument
to this
                                                  option inside the
  -x, --execute                                   Execute the remainder
of the
                                                  command line inside

it seems there is a small difference between the 2 options. I wonder if
you are maybe using the broken version we had in CVS for some weeks,
which was building wrongly the command line. What version are you using?

> I've been trying to figure out what the difference between -x and -e
> options but can't figure out what it is. Could this be a bug in the way
> gnome-terminal works or are gnome-remote-shell's defaults incorrect?
I'd vote it is the broken version bug. Please retry with 1.99.1, or with
latest CVS.


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