Re: [gnome-network]GNetworkTransferManager

On Sat, 2003-09-20 at 23:06, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> Il sab, 2003-09-20 alle 14:20, Rodrigo Moya ha scritto:
> > That is, I was thinking we could have a GNetworkTransferManager class in
> > libgnetwork (Transfer, because, as we said, we want to support both
> > uploads and downloads), which manages the different transfers, and which
> > can be used by other apps (our transfer manager UI, epiphany/galeon,
> > MIME actions components, etc).
> I would expect the transfers to be handled by an external "daemon"
> process, so that it can do some necessary UI stuff, such as asking for
> authentication, displaying a progress dialog, and interacting with the
> notification area. And then, there would be another "front-end" process
> which could interface with the backend daemon and display a list/tree
> view of what is queued up, in progress, etc... The library would just
> be a convenience method for using the IDL interface I guess?
yes, a wrapper for other apps to talk to the daemon or whatever.

> I haven't had a chance to do anything yet, but if you wanna talk a bit
> more about how to handle this before I start, I'd be glad to.
hmm, I haven't thought much about it really. Just the general idea. But
well, from the top of my head, I guess we could have that class have
access to a list of in-progress transfers. Those transfers should be
able to be cancelled, stopped and resumed.

I guess having that is a very good starting point, and then we can
extend it.

> Where does typical non-list chat about g-n take place? There doesn't
> seem to be a #gnome-network IRC channel.
there isn't a channel yet. If people want, we can create one.

> PS: I've subscribed to the list, so you don't need to cc: me. :)
ok, forgot it :-)


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