Re: [gnome-network]Bittorent Support in Gnome(-network)

It would have to be a half-ass implementation of bittorrent. Like, you'd
have to do the download only. The "download manager" is just going to
use gnome-vfs. So, if there's a vfs module for downloading stuff from a
URI, it will work with the manager.

-- dobey

Il dom, 2003-09-21 alle 13:42, Mark Finlay ha scritto:
> Hey all
> I'm not saying that I'm in the position to implement this, but just want
> to get people opinion on this:
> Bittorent is a very simple system that relies on urls so we conceivably
> be linked very simply and nicely into gnome-network, so that you click
> on bittorrent link in epiphany and have the gnome-network download
> manager pop up and show you the progress of your download.
> Does this sound useful/sane/possible?

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