Re: [gnome-network]downman description

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 19:43, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> > >  Like many other download managers, 
> > > downman can manage different lists of downloads. This lists are called 
> > > Projects. When you first start downman you only have one project. In 
> > > Gnome Download Manager you can see this because it will show you no 
> > > tabs, this is, it will look like a simple list.
> > >
> > this sounds like a good idea
> I don't like this idea, actually. It makes for a very complicated UI,
> and then you will need a complicated API to support it. "I have to
> create a /project/ to download a file?"
yes, we might maybe leave the projects stuff be implemented by the UI,
if there's really a users' need for that.

> > > gboolean    dm_client_daemon_start (GError **error);
> > > 
> > this is not needed at all in the Bonobo-based case, since the daemon
> > will be started when activating it, it it's not been started before.
> Right. We will need to handle multiple display cases though, so that
> we can have per-display daemons, so that everything works happily.


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