Re: [gnome-network] network settings - ppp0 starting automatically (gnome: message 1 of 20)

ups, sorry for the non-existant line wrap, here it is in proper format:

Two days ago i've installed ubuntu hoary containing gnome 2.10.2 on a
friends family machine - since they have a 56k-dial-up modem i've
configured this device via the network-settings-dialog under 'system'
and added the new 'modem control applet' to the panel. everything worked
pretty smooth and flawless but there's only one problem. after logging
in with gdm the modem automatically dials in, which is an unwanted
behaviour. internet is only used sporadically on this machine and dialup
should be initiated manually when the user wants to. so i've tried to
find out where to turn this off, but after several different attempts
including lots of googling i'm still looking for the switch. where the
heck is the setting to turn of automatic dialing? advice is highly
appreciated - thanks in advance!

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