GTK+-2.3.0 released [unstable]

GTK+-2.3.0 is now available for download at:

gtk+-2.3.0.tar.bz2   md5sum: e3336aa41e440755543cb6532bec9938  
gtk+-2.3.0.tar.gz    md5sum: 83a5c6351797da3f2ef33e78408d8e6e  

This is the first development release loading up to GTK+-2.4. 
This release contains a number of major new widgets and capabilities
including: an action based menu system, a replacement for
GtkFileSelector, and a new unified GtkComboBox widget that replaces both
GtkOptionMenu and GtkCombo.

Special thanks on this release go to Marco Pesenti Gritti for testing
out the new widgets and menu system in Epiphany and providing plentiful
feedback. We hope many more people will follow his lead.


 * This is unstable development release. There are certainly 
   plenty of bugs remaining to be found. This release should 
   not be used in production.

 * Installing this version will overwrite your existing
   copy of GTK+-2.0. If you have problems, you'll need
   to reinstall GTK+-2.0.6.

 * GTK+-2.4 will be source and binary compatible with
   the GTK+-2.2.x series; however, the new API additions
   in GTK+-2.3.0 are not yet finalized, so there are likely
   incompatibities between this release and the final
   2.2 release.

 * Remaining API issues for GTK+-2.4 can be found with following
   bugzilla query:

 * Bugs should be reported to
What is GTK+

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for
projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application

GTK+ has been designed from the ground up to support a range of
languages, not only C/C++. Using GTK+ from languages such as Perl and
Python (especially in combination with the Glade GUI builder) provides
an effective method of rapid application development.

GTK+ is free software and part of the GNU Project. However, the
licensing terms for GTK+, the GNU LGPL, allow it to be used by all
pdevelopers, including those developing proprietary software, without
any license fees or royalties. 

Where to get more information about GTK+

Information about GTK+ including links to documentation can be
found at:

An installation guide for GTK+-2.2 is found at:

Common questions:

Overview of Changes from GTK+-2.2.x to GTK+-2.3.0

* New Widgets
 - GtkFileChooser: a replacement for GtkFileSelection with 
   replaceable backends, many new API features, better user
   interface (UI is still a work in progress) [Owen Taylor, 
   Federico Mena Quintero]
 - New combo box widgets: GtkComboBox, GtkComboBoxEntry [Kristian Rietveld]
 - New "disclosure triangle" widget: GtkExpander [Marc McLoughlin]
 - "Picker button" widgets based on code from libgnomeui: 
   GtkFontButton, GtkColorButton [Matthias Clasen]

* Widget improvements:
 - Autocompletion for entries: GtkEntryCompletion [Kristian]
 - Add separate padding for all 4 sides of GtkAlignment [Murray Cumming]
 - Add input-only event boxes for trapping events [Alex Larsson]
 - Support RTL flipping for GtkHPaned, tab navigation [Soeren, Matthias]
 - Support up to four scroll arrows on GtkNotebook and make which
   ones are displayed themeable. [Matthias]
 - GtkCalendar improvements: make the arrows spin, support RTL flipping,
   automatic week start selection, DND support, improve API 
   for setting options [Matthias]; mousewheel support [Abigail Brady]
 - New properties: GtkButton::focus_on_click, GtkCheckMenuItem::draw_as_radio
   [Soeren, Matthias]
 - New functions: gtk_window_set_default_icon(), 
   gtk_message_dialog_add_buttons(), gtk_button_box_get_child_secondary()
 - Add missing "role", "decorated", "gravity" properties for GtkWindow,
   "has_resize_grip" for GtkStatusBar. [Matthias]
 - Add child properties for GtkPaned [Matthias, Soeren]

* Menus
 - New action-based menu API: GtkUIManager, GtkActionGroup, 
   GtkAction, etc. [James Henstridge, Matthias, Soeren Sandmann,
   Marco Pesenti Gritti, Philip Langdale]
 - Support for tabular menus [Kristian]
 - New positioning algorithm for popup menus [Soeren]

* GtkTextView [Matthias]
 - Add properties "accepts_tab" [Soeren], "overwrite" property 
   [Jeroen Zwarepoorte], "buffer"
 - Add gtk_text_buffer_select_range()
 - Implement drag-selection by words/lines (also for Gtkentry)
 - Some fixes to invisible text handling
 - Add support for GTK_WRAP_WORD_CHAR [David Brigada]
 - Clean up handling of horizontal paging
 - Fix scrolling with non-visible cursor
 - Add internals documentation [Havoc Pennington]

* GtkToolbar [Soeren]
 - Add a more constistent and extensible toolbar API; preserve
   old API for backwards compatibility [James, Anders Carlsson, Owen]
 - Support for sliding buttons like OS X
 - Keyboard navigation
 - Support "priority text"
 - Overflow menu
 - Better handling of really wide buttons [David Bordoley]
 - Drawing improvements
 - Support context menu

* GtkTreeView [Kristian Rietveld]
 - Handle RTL [Matthias, Jonathan]
 - Add expand flag to column packing parameters [Jonathan, Kristian]
 - gtk_tree_path_free now silently returns on NULL paths
 - Move row reference updating code to closures
 - Fix TreeView DnD: make TreeStore DnD work, make drops on empty views work,
   get rid of gtk-tree-model-drop-append.
 - Add a filtering tree model: GtkTreeModelFilter [Kristian]

* gdk-pixbuf
 - Add a loader for PCX files [Josh Beam]
 - Improve calculation of filter weights for scaling [Brian Cameron, Owen]
 - Support TGA files with arbitrary origins [Matthias]
 - Add gdk_pixbuf_loader_new_with_mime_type() [Dom Lachowicz]
   gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size() [Dom, Owen, Matthias]
 - Add saving support for ICO and CUR
 - Improve handling of GIFs with oversized frames [Matthias]

* GDK:
 - Support for full-color / alpha-channel cursors [Matthias]
 - Remove support for non-X fonts and for pango-1.0; always require Xft2 [Owen]
 - Fix handling of recursive calls to gdk_window_begin_paint() [Soeren]
 - Many small changes to reduce round trips on startup; 
   add gdk_display_flush() [Owen]
 - Use Xlib asynchronous APIs to reduce roundtrips on startup
   and during DND [Owen]
 - Other changes to improve DND for large-latency connections [Owen]
 - Add support for EWMH "above" and "below" states [Matthias] (also
   in GtkWindow)
 - Add Add GDK_MOUSE_DEVICE envvar for linux-fb backend [Marc Welz]
 - Other small linux-fb fixes [Eric Warmenhoven]

* Miscellaneous
 - Add support for named themable icons; use this facility to 
   provide the default stock icon images [Owen Taylor, based
   on code by Alex Larsson]
 - Add gtk_widget_queue_resize_no_redraw() for more efficient
   resizing; use for GtkTextView. Redraw less on focus changes. [Soeren]
 - Add gtk_widget_queue_resize_no_redraw() [Soeren]
 - Default theme improvements, especially for menus. Add some
   more style properties. [Soeren]
 - Add authentication stock icon [Matthias, art by Jakub Steiner]
 - Allow "none" to be set for input method GtkSettings [Hidetoshi Tajima]
 - Convert build system to automake-1.7; many cleanups and
   improvements. [James Henstridge, Owen]
 - Win32 fixes for new widgets [Hans Breuer]
 - Add right-to-left variants of some stock icons [Matthias]

* Documentation
 - Use XML source for man pages; add man pages for tools that didn't
   have them before [Matthias]
 - Tutorial improvements [Sebasitian Rittau, Tony Gale, Roger Leigh, Matthias]
 - FAQ improvements [Tony, Gonzalo Odiard, Owen]
 - Misc documentation improvements [Matthias, Frederic Lespez, Tomas Ogren, 
   Martin Pool, Mariano Suarez-Alvarez]

* Deprecations
 - GtkItemFactory [Replaced by GtkUIManager]
 - GtkCombo, GtkOptionMenu [Replaced by GtkComboBox]
 - Miscellaneous functions that were renamed in 
   GTK+-2.0 and GTK+-2.2 [Matthias, Manish Singh, Soeren]

Other contributors: Krasimir Angelov, Archit Baweja, Sebastien Bacher,
  Steve Chaplin, John Darrington, Daniel Elstner, Jody Goldberg, 
  David Hampton, Richard Kinder, Christian Persch,   Roozbeh Pournader, 
  Christian Reis, Christian Rose, Joe Shaw, Vasilis Vasaitis, Morten Welinder

24 October 2004

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