Re: [PATCH] GtkFileChooserDefault: Only show filter hbox if filters exist

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 15:02 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Currently, GtkFileChooserDefault always displays the type filter hbox,
> ignoring whether there actually are any filters. This results in a
> visual gap of the add/remove buttons' height below the file list if
> there aren't any filters.
> This patch does the following:
> - slight cleanups (remove all references to "toolbar" which doesn't
> exist anymore)
> - there used to be two encapsulated hboxes for the format_combo which
> doesn't make sense
> - Add filter_combo_hbox widget to object. Its visibility state is
> toggled on filter addition/removal. If you don't want any additional
> widgets inside the hbox, I could change it to format_combo->parent as
> well, but this would be hacky.

Thanks, Christian. I was showing the new filesel to my gf this weekend,
and she honestly used the word 'awesome'. Her only quibble was the
filter box- she had no idea what it was, and of course the fact that
there was nothing in the dropdown didn't help her. :) I for one would
love to see this get applied.


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