Clipboard work

Thought I'd sit down and try to write down what needs doing on the
clipboard situation, with an emphasis on GTK+. Additions appreciated.


 * Notification on clipboard changes for sensitizing menu and
   clipboard items.

   This blocks largely on X changes; the necessary bits are in the 
   FIXES extension that should be making its way out in a release in the near future. Looking
   at the facilities on other platforms, figuring out the
   GTK+ API doesn't need to block on the X features being
   widely available.

 * Saving contents on clipboard exit

   Someone needs to come up with a protocol; propose it, figure out the needed GTK+ API, and 
   implement it. This is going to involve some sort of
   gtk_wait_for_exit_cleanup() call. The architecture will also likely
   involve a daemon, which will have to be implemented for GNOME.

   (I don't want to do straightforward contents-stealing, since
   this works very badly for clients that provide large amounts
   of data, or provide data in many formats)

 * Consistent UI behavior for middle-button-paste

   The GTK+ interpretation of middle button paste as pasting
   the current selection is consistent with traditional 
   X behavior, but inconsistent with other desktop components
   such as, mozilla, Qt.


   for an alternate proposal

 * Consistent UI behavior for removing selection; in GTK+, 
   unselection isn't on focus out, but rather when the
   primary selection is grabbed away elsewhere. If we change
   the interpretation of the primary selection, we may
   want to reconsider this.

   There's some discussion of this in the thread linked above.

 * Performance

   GTK+ currently sends selections via the INCR protocol in (iirc) 4k
   chunks; it should be possible to use much bigger chunks ... 256k  
   or so by looking at the maximum request size for the server.

 * Better definition of some target types. In particular the text/plain
   target type is poorly defined.


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