Re: Regular expressions with glib?

Eike Lange wrote:

Hi Folks!

I would like to contribute some regular expression code to GLib.
This code uses "regexec(3)" and "regcomp(3)" to do all the stuff with regular expressions (requires regex.h).

My questions is, whether I should base this code on "GString" or
"gchar *" (requires string.h) and if you think this contribution could be useful.
If regular expression support was going to be added to glib, the standard library regexp routines probably won't be sufficient, since they aren't guaranteed to work with UTF-8 strings (for glib, UTF-8 is probably the only encoding worth supporting).

As for whether it should work on (GString *) or (gchar *), I'd go for (gchar *).


Email: james daa com au

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