Re: Regular expressions with glib?

* Eike Lange <eike lange uni-essen de> [2004-04-12 15:02:12 +0200]:

> IMHO, we should ask those systems to use POSIX-like functionality or 
> implement an autoconf switch "--no-posix" or something like this what 
> seems more easy than living without regexp, well, I'm speaking just 
> for me.
Why not simply using the preg library, which is already bundled 
w/ other packages like php ?
> > I would suggest to consider a separate module for this but I also
> > wouldn't mind to see it included with glib.
> Using one more module is one more dependency to fulfill which might
> be unavailable on some installations.

Well, where's the problem ?

If your application uses the functionality, then it has to import 
the library providing it. Other applications not using it have no need
to import the lib and so dont require it to be installed on the system.

Putting distinct functionality into distinct modules is IMHO a MUST
for modern software development. System installations should only contain
exactly those code which is really needed. Unneeded extra code wastes
resources, adds unnecessary complexity and brings unnecessary points
of failures, errors, leaks.

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