.desktop parser, and xdg basedir api


A couple of months ago I talked with Havoc about a new API for
glib that would allow users to associate .desktop files with
their applications.  The idea was to have something like:


so that the various libraries the program is linked against
can have access to the information in the .desktop file.
I.e., glib can automatically set the prgname and application
name based on the information in the desktop file, and
likewise the application icon can automatically be set.
Another complementary problem is being able to find the
.desktop file to load it.

A few weeks ago I implemented a small .desktop parser for
the first problem and wrote a series of functions to search
the directories specified in the XDG base directory
specification for the second.

Today, I logged some bugs with the patches attached.  I
would appreciate any comments/criticisms/etc.


--Ray Strode

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