GdkPixbufAnimation height/width

I'm currently trying to set the height/width of a GdkPixbufAnimation. It
doesn't work as expected, though.
My approaches:

1: - do gdk_pixbuf_animation_new_from_file
	=> GdkPixbufAnimation object created
   - iterate through the animation pixbufs using GdkPixbufAnimationIter
   - set each pixbuf's height/width
1 => Simply doesn't work, still shows up in initial size
2: - create a GdkPixbufLoader and use it to read the file using the FILE struct from stdio.h (cp testfilechooser.c:my_new_from_file_at_size)
   2a: - call gdk_pixbuf_loader_set_size after construction, before loader is filled by buffer
   2b: - connect to the "size-prepared" signal and do gdk_pixbuf_loader_set_size inside that callback
2[ab] => image is displayed at desired size, animation isn't played, though. Just the first frame is displayed.

Do you know any working implementation that resizes a GdkPixbufAnimation
or can you help me in any other way? I could send you my sample code as
well if that helps, although 2 looks very much like


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