Re: win32 menus and popups not closing when app loses focus

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004, Owen Taylor wrote:
> X style implicit grabbing on button press is already handled for Win32;
>  I forget the name of the windows facility that is used.

The implicit grabs also have the same problem.  If a mouse button is
pressed & held over a GtkButton, alt-tab is used to switch windows, and
then the button is released, the GtkButton appears pressed when the
pointer is over it and the focus is switched back to the 1st window.

> You catch focus out to catch the user alt-tabbing away.

Should GtkButton and other widget that rely on implicit or explicit grabs
watch for focus out?

> > Another problem is that the menu window can't take the focus away from
> > their parent window because the title bar on the parent window will change
> > color to indicate that it longer has the focus (this was a bug in gtk at
> > one point that has since been fixed).
> A detail that is eminently fixable if we get the event handling right.

I agree.



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