Re: GLib GObject & Javadot Notation for scheme?

linas linas org (Linas Vepstas) writes:

> Hi,
> I was reading about  JScheme and in particular 'javadot notation':
> and I was wondering if anybody had done anything similar for 
> GLib GObjects for guile?  The idea seems pretty slick ...
There is something even better: guile-gobject[0]. Just as an

(use-modules (gnome gtk))

(define (app)
  (let* ((window (make <gtk-window> #:type 'toplevel))
	 (button (make <gtk-button> #:label "Hello, World!")))

    ;; since window is a container, this generic maps onto the function
    ;; gtk-container-set-border-width
    (set-border-width window 10)

    ;; note that we can set the border width with a gobject property as
    ;; well:
    (gobject-set-property window 'border-width 15)

    ;; (gnome gobject generics), re-exported by (gnome gtk), defines a
    ;; generic `set' method for gobject-set-property, se we can also do
    ;; it like this:
    (set window 'border-width 20)

    ;; this is much less typing :-)
    (add window button)
    ;; see (gnome gobject generics) for a full list of gobject generic
    ;; functions
    (connect button 'clicked (lambda (b) (gtk-main-quit)))

    ;; generic functions for .defs apis are defined in the .defs files,
    ;; not manually
    (show-all window)



Cheers, Andy
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