Re: GTK+ is not Valgrind-friendly

On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 08:41 PM, Paul Pogonyshev wrote:

I find Valgrind to be very useful in detecting memory access errors and leaks. However, GTK+ leaves lots of unfreed memory at process termination, which makes Valgrind output for a GTK+ application way less usable and clean. I have about 1 MB of unfreed memory in about 140--150 loss records after a typical run of my program.

in its defense, gtk+ (and glib) allocate quite a few structures which don't make any sense unless they live for the life of the app. i decided to take the easy way out -- here's the suppression file i created for using valgrind on gtk2-perl.

A new global function is declared, say gtk_free_all_memory(). This function is not required to be called and it's up to each programmer to decide whether to invoke it upon program termination. It should be guarded with some preprocessor symbol to avoid unnecessary dependancies on new GTK+ versions. A program that is wanted to have "cleaner" memory profile could then look like this:

well, a simple g_at_exit() would take care of that for all cases, without having to introduce a new function to the public API.

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