GLib-2.4.1 released

GLib-2.4.1 is now available for download at:

glib-2.4.1.tar.bz2   md5sum: 5cbc9249ae27eaf7c0ab4770302f54d8 
glib-2.4.1.tar.gz    md5sum: e555c7cb185e704ca455a2cdee884993 

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.

More information about GLib is available at:

An installation guide for the GTK+ libraries, including GLib, can
be found at:

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.4.0 to GLib 2.4.1

* Win32 bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist, Roger Leigh, John Ehresman]
* Miscellaneous bug and portability fixes [Owen Taylor,
  Matthias Clasen, Jonas Jonsson, Christian Krause,
  Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Christophe Saout, Philippe Blain,
  Piotr Klaban]
* Documentation updates [Matthias]
* New and updated translations (ca,cs,cy,el,en_CA,en_GB,es,eu,fi,
  fr,gu,he,id,nl,pt,pl,ru,sr,sr ije,sr Latn,sv,uk)

30 April 2004

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