Re: building glib for win32

Tim Doyle writes:
 > I have attached a bzip'd file containing a record of my attempts to compile
 > glib for win32.  Thanks for your help.

Sorry for taking so long to answer, have been on vacation. From a
quick glance at the files you sent, it seems that the "2" run is
closest to being correctly done and it almost succeeded. It uses the
mingw compiler, not the Cygwin one, and the make fails only because
iconv.h isn't found. You should tell the configure script where to
find it by passing the environment variable
CPPFLAGS="-Ix:/some/where/include" pointing to wherever you have
installed the gettext-runtime package. (As this build (I assume) use
the mingw gcc, you don't need to specify -mno-cygwin.)


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