Re: GtkIconView and Accessibility

Matthias asked:
> ... Speaking about a11y code, did you have a
> > chance to look at the combo box, and see whether the current api lets
> > you implement its a11y outside of gtk ?
> > 
> I think that I may still have a problem with impleme4nting some of AtkText for items in the combo box but this is low priority and I have not had a chance to look at it yet. I am satisfied that I can get at the text in the items which is the most important thing.
> Padraig

In general, any widget that uses PangoLayout needs to expose the
PangoLayout object via API, otherwise we will probably have difficulty
implementing AtkText properly (and may not be able to do it at all).  If
we can get the PangoLayout, then we can not only implement AtkText, but
we can get good code reuse from the support utilities in libgail.

This is something to think about when developing text-containing Gtk
widgets in general.


- Bill

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