Re: GtkListStore and GtkSequence

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

> If I understand it correctly, this is about making inserting many rows
> into a sorted store faster.  If so, then there's also another possible
> solution: Provide API to make the store temporarily unsorted.  You could
> then use that API, insert your rows, and finally make the store sorted
> again.
> This sort of already works.  You just need to get rid of some
> assertions, IIRC.  -2 is the magical sort column id that tells both
> GtkListStore and GtkTreeStore that they're unsorted.  gtkliststore.c for
> example defines
>   #define GTK_LIST_STORE_IS_SORTED(list) (GTK_LIST_STORE (list)->sort_column_id != -2)
> If this is considered passable, I could try to come up with a patch.

Yes please!  I meant to fix this years ago but somehow it slipped my
mind, and I don't see a bug for it.  It's an important fix independent
of whether or not we move to the splay tree.

Please file a bug and supply a patch.


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