Re: GtkListStore and GtkSequence

Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com> writes:

> I'm Okay with changing GtkListStore to use GtkSequence.  

I have committed it to CVS. I don't think it is unlikely that bugs
will show up; hopefully people will test.

> One thing we may want to consider is what's involved with changing
> GtkTreeStore to use GtkSequence as well.

It's doable of course, but the benefit is likely to be smaller,
because a huge, flat tree is probably rare. In the worst case (where
the GtkTreeStore is perfectly balanced) each GSequence will just be an
expensive simulartion of GNode.

But it may be worth it anyway. I imagine the strcutre would be
something like:

                GtkTreeDataList *dataa;
                GSequence *children;

The GtkTreeStore itself would represent the roots of the tree with a
sequence of such structs.


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