gtkmozembed win32

    I realize this is probably a better post to the mozilla list, but since it
involves both
projects I decided it probably can't hurt to send this question to this list too.

I've got gtkmozembed compiling in win32.  It actually, didn't take too much
source modifications,
mostly a matter of following a previous posting, which can be found here mozilla org/msg03956.html
and a few other issues with the build system, which I fixed by modifying
pkg-config to work better
with msvc.  The main issue being, it detects if the library should be
libintl.lib or intl.lib.

The remaining major issue is that the gtkmozembed widget does not release
keyboard focus.
I believe it has to do with the widget realize function failing to attach a
focus-in and focus-out
signal to its child widget.  This is happening I believe because in win32 the
the child is not a
GtkWidget like it is in the non-win32 native build. 

For the interested here's a link to the approximate steps I followed to get it
(sorry can't guarentee those steps will work. I haven't been able to test them
on a clean system)

Some things I think need to happen:
1. the configure script patch needs to be cleaned up. It was mostly just me
giving up and hard coding paths
2. the dependence on the gtk+ runtime that I compilied is really just because of
the difficulties with 1.

I've also started a bug report with mozilla here:

Hopefully, together we'll be able to get this bug fixed :-)


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