Re: Bug #101792...

On 2004.08.25 00:04 Tor Lillqvist wrote:
J. Ali Harlow writes:
 > That's also possible, and would have the great advantage of keeping
 > ABI but I'd be worried that people would start using both variants
 > if we weren't careful to discourage them.

But people wouldn't be supposed to know that there are two
variants. The documentation would only mention the "normally" named
API and tell people that on Windows, GLib returns and expects UTF-8
filenames. The "#define g_dir_read_name g_dir_read_name_utf8" etc
could be hidden somewhere where it would be unlikely to be noticed ;-)

(I mean, nobody notices that a gtk_init() call is actually #defined to
call gtk_init_abi_check() on Windows, do they?)

Quite; if we're careful it shouldn't be a problem.

 > I'd like to think we could get rid of the system codepage variants
 > in the next ABI breakage.

There is no such breakage planned in the foreseeable future AFAIK...

That's my understanding also, but there's bound to be a breakage at some point so we might as well plan things so that we can take the opportunity to clean things up when the next breakage does occur.


J. Ali Harlow
ali juiblex co uk

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