Re: g_value_new Macro?

On 26/08/04 14:22, Ryan McDougall wrote:


I use the following in my code. Is there a reason why its not in the
GValue API? Is it evil? If not, wouldn't it be nice to include it?

#define	g_value_new(type)	g_value_init (g_new (GValue, 1), type)
In most of the GValue-using code in existence, the GValues are allocated on the stack, and people do this:
   GValue value = { 0, };
   g_value_init(&value, type);
   /* do stuff with the value */

Also, your macro looks like it might break sometimes. The g_value_init() function expects the GValue to be zeroed out (the type field at a minimum), and g_new() doesn't guarantee this. replacing it with g_new0() would fix this problem.

If you are doing this for your tutorial, it would probably be better to document the common usage of GValues rather than using a non standard g_value_new() macro.


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