GtkComboBoxEntry crashes with no model


I have found a way to reproduce a crash with the GtkComboBoxEntry using
Gtk 2.4.0 (on Fedora Core 2) and 2.4.7 (on Windows).

If you use Glade and create a simple dialog with some widgets you can
demonstrate this bug.

I use a GtkHBox with a size of 3.  I then add some buttons in the top
and the GtkComboBoxEntry in the middle.  I select one of the buttons
with the mouse, and then use the arrow keys (left or right to make sure
it is working OK) and move down to the GtkComboBoxEntry.  The moment I
press UP to move back to the buttons, Glade crashes.

I have used Glade for this example, because the same thing happens in my
application and it is easier to reproduce using Glade.

It turns out, if you have test data in the GtkComboBoxEntry this doesn't
occur at all.  If you don't you will get this error in your application
when you press UP on the widget:


Gtk: ** CRITICAL **  file gtkliststore.c: line 570
(gtk_list_store_get_value): assertion `GTK_LIST_STORE
(tree_model)->stamp == iter->stamp' failed
GLib-GObject: ** WARNING **  gtype.c:3350: type id `0' is invalid
GLib-GObject: ** WARNING **  can't peek value table for type `<invalid>'
which is not currently referenced


Is creating an empty model and associating it with the GtkComboBoxEntry
on application start the way to prevent this?  

Have I missed a vital step?

Should I Bugzilla it?


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