Re: glib hash memory footprint

 --- "Alan M. Evans" <ame1 extratech com> wrote: 
> Also, linear probing has a hideous worst-case. The nominal-case
> collision can be mitigated somewhat by using instead quadratic probing
> or double hashing to avoid clustering, but the worst-case remains very
> bad.

The worst case for chaining is actually worse than for linear probing in 
practice considering that you are doing pointer chasing instead of array 
access with linear probing. 

> If table size is really a problem (and I agree that it can be, as for
> example, in your case), wouldn't switching from linked lists to dynamic
> arrays be a better solution in the general case?

yes, that would be nice but also a non-trivial problem and can give you 
memory fragmentation quite easily

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