gdkwindow - gdk_window_get_pointer and gdk_window_at_pointer

Hi, why is gdk_window_get_pointer() and gdk_window_at_pointer()
ignoring the passed in win_x and win_y mouse pointer values? Instead
they are using temp variables, and based on the compiler the temp
variables  might have somewhat OK values (as the code base is not
initializing temp stack variables to either correct or incorrect
values) that then later will cause no focus and no hi-light happening
for the mouse-over event generation (that relies on a valid GtkWindow
returned based on the mouse pointer values)?

In case the APIs have changed, could the passed in win_x and win_y
values be removed so that there are no misunderstandings?

Was this a fix for x11/win32 or something similar?  --Kent

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