Re: a question about the purpose of "header" in gdkdnd


thank you very much ,

but i have another question,

I've found that 'data' has been allocated some memory

with g_malloc() and i can't  find where it was freed,

can XChangeProperty() free the memory ?

data = "" (total_size);

  i am victor,thank you! 11111

>From: John Cupitt >To: xu victor >Subject: Re: a question about the purpose of "header" in gdkdnd >Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 19:42:44 +0000 > >Hi Xu, > >xu victor wrote: > > Hi all: i am a Newbie in GNOME, i met some questions when i read the > > gdk. it is from gdkdnd.c. i don't know what the header's purpose ; is > > there anybody can tell me? > >This code is to handle drag-and-drop actions between GTK programs and Motif programs. The "header" variable is equal to "data" (though a different type), and is passed to XChangeProperty() a little further down the code. > >John

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