Re: GTK2 on Tru64

On 6/02/2004 4:14 PM, Bob Marcan wrote:

If i understand properly XFT is part of the XFree86 and Xserver should
have Xrender extension.
On the Tru64, we don't have either.
I like to have XFT, but how?

Will in the future Gtk2 support only xft?
Will you put us, non Linux, non Intel people out in the cold? :-(
I beg you, please put back the --disable-xft feature.

Xft is actually a client side library for font rendering. If the X server supports the Render extension it can be used to accelerate Xft, but it is in no way a requirement.

If you are using a platform that doesn't come with the Xft library, you will need to install it (along with its prerequisites). You can download tarballs from these two sites:

You will need to install fontconfig, renderext, libXrender and libXft. After this, you should be able to compile pango and GTK.


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