Re: sources download

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 09:48, Olexiy Avramchenko wrote:
> Hello,
> It would be nice to see compressed diffs against a previous versions of 
> libraries on
> I've downloaded latest development libs and here're sizes of bzipped 
> diffs against prev. versions:
> pango-1.3.1  pango-1.3.2  :    92KB
> glib-2.3.1 glib-2.3.2            :  294KB
> gtk-2.3.1 gtk-2.3.2             : 1544KB
> So it takes about 1929KB (or 17.9%) against 10735KB (size of glib-2.3.2, 
> pango-1.3.2 and gtk-2.3.2 tar.bz2 archives).

The diffs can be found on and mirrors (though the 2.3.1 =>
2.3.2 GTK+ diff is missing for some reason)

I don't want to put them on, basically, because I don't
want to increase the support load; compiling GTK+ is hard enough
without worrying about applying diffs.


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