Re: GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS

On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 06:34, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> > Leaving that aside, the scheme I'd imagine is a GtkSettings/XSETTINGS
> > key gtk-file-chooser-backend and:
> > 
> >  gtk_file_chooser_set_backend (chooser, "gnome-vfs");
> > 
> > and look up the module by that name. We probably can actually do
> > that for 2.4.0, and adjust the build flags for Solaris/BSD as necessary
> > for 2.4.1.
> So, the xsetting would set the default backend, and you can explicitly 
> set the gnome-vfs one if you know you want to use that.



> Although the I don't think the gtk_file_chooser_set_backend (chooser, 
> "gnome-vfs") API works. Currently the file-system is a property of the
> FileChooser and also a property of FileChooserDialog that is mirrored to
> the internal FileChooser on construction time. You can't actually get at
> the FileChooser for the dialog, and it would be preferable if we could
> instantiate the right file-system object on FileChooser construction
> time.

Remmeber, GtkFileChooser is the interface, not the implementation. So
all properties are just getting forwarded. The main difference with
the file-system property is that it works a bit different because
it is construct-only parameter.

> So. What about a new string property "file-system-backend", in both
> FileChooser and FileChooserDialog, behaving much like the current
> file-system type but referencing a loadable filesystem module (by name)
> instead of a string, and then we add this new API:

Well, just in GtkFileChooser, then implemented in GtkFileChooserWidget
and GtkFileChooserDialog

Yes, a string property similar to file-system is basically what I had
in mind. It probably is easiest to keep it construct-only, as evil
as construct-only properties are...

The file-system property should be removed since GtkFileSystem is not
public API; it was just added for testing purposes.

> GtkWidget *
> gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new_with_backend (const gchar         *title,
>                                           GtkWindow           *parent,
>                                           GtkFileChooserAction action,
>                                           const char          *backend,
>                                           const gchar         *first_button_text,
>                                           ...)

Ick, but yeah, that looks about right. I don't think adding the backend
argument to gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() is a good idea.


> > In terms of the what GLib does, I was really hoping that you were
> > going to take ownership of that issue earlier, but I guess that never
> > got communicated ... whatever is standardized needs to be written down
> > on somewhere, since it's every bit as much of a KDE <=>
> > GNOME issue, mozilla <=> GNOME issue as a GTK+ <=> GNOME issue.
> Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't done this. I've had my time filled with other
> stuff. But this is pretty important, so i'll start working on it right
> away, looking what gnome-vfs, kde and others do and start writing
> something down.

That would be great.


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