Re: GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS


Evan Martin <martine danga com> writes:

> As an author of one of those programs, I sorta agree with your
> reasoning.  I just got a bug report from someone asking why my program
> wasn't obeying the GNOME proxy settings.  I would use them if I knew a
> reliable way to query them that wouldn't alienate all of my anti-GNOME
> users!

This is a clear indicator that having GNOME proxy settings is a bad
idea. Such settings should be shared between desktop implementations.
Is there an effort to standardize these settings on Free Desktop?

I disagree with Evan. It shouldn't be necessary to link to any GNOME
libs in order to benefit from the new GTK+ file chooser. IMO it was
already a bad idea to call the VFS layer gnome-vfs.


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