Re: gdk_draw_segments crash the application when called with more than 32767 segments.

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 19:07, James Willcox wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 14:11, David Odin wrote:
> >   Hi,
> > 
> > As bug #122026 states, gdk_draw_segments crashes the application when
> > called with more than 32767, due to a X protocol limitation.
> > 
> > Imho, an application shouldn't have to care about this.
> > The report in bugzilla fixes this at gdk level.
> > 
> >   Can I commit?
> Was this patch approved?  You apparently commited it today, and it broke
> the build.

Indeed, the patch wasn't approved yet, leaving aside issues of build
breakage, there is one obvious problem with the patch, and two
issues that needed to be researched (questions I don't know the
answers to offhand)

 - The patch patches the wrong file, since it is dealing with
   X11-specific limitations, it should be patching X specific files

 - What's the interaction of XDrawSegments with, say, a XOR mode
   if the segments overlap? 

 - What's the interaction of this with maximum request sizes? Is 
   32767 really the right figure here or just an approximation 
   that works on your system?

I've reverted the change and reopened the bug.


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