RE: Dynamic completions for GtkEntryCompletion

Federico wrote:
> For example, say you start typing "/etc/p" in the file 
> chooser's entry line.  The completions at that point are 
> something like {passwd, ppp, printcap}.  If you go on typing, 
> "/etc/ppp/i", then the completions become {ioptions, ip-up, ip-down}.
> I think it would be useful to have a
> GtkEntryCompletion::build_completions signal that would be 
> emitted when it is necessary/safe to change the completions 
> tree-model.  This is basically when the user has typed a 
> character in the corresponding GtkEntry.  [Are there other 
> occasions when this is valid?]  At that point, the app would 
> regenerate the list of completions.

In your example, when the user changes something in the filesystem (rename,
delete or create a new file, for instance)


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