2.4 meeting summary

This is a summary of an IRC meeting that was held this afternoon with 
GTK+ team members and Mark McLoughlin as a representative of the GNOME
release team.

A complete log of the IRC conversation can be found at:


The general topic of the meeting was getting the GTK+ 2.4 release back
and track and out in a timely fashion. A primary concern here was
not holding up the GNOME-2.6 release further; the GNOME-2.6 schedule
can be found at:


General areas of concern

The first subject of discussion was going over areas of special concern;
ones mentioned were:

 Pango: A lot of open bugs
 GtkFileChooser: Various niggling bugs and the possibility of more UI
 GtkComboBox: Some important (mostly implementation) issues need fixing 
   before 2.4.0
 The huge pile of assorted GTK+ bugs

The Will-Fix list

The biggest problem currently seems to be that we are just in the mode
of tackling bugs as they come in and not making progress towards
off the release. To combat that, the proposal was made to have a "Will
list of bugs:

 - On the web at http://www.gtk.org/plan/2.4/willfix.html
 - Deadline for adding issues to it is this Friday, Feb 20
   (important new issues that are found after Friday can be added 
   as exceptions)
 - Issues on the list should generally either be blockers for
   the release or bugs with patches
 - Things not on that list will generally not be fixed


People volunteered to do marking of will-fix bugs for various portions
of bugzilla:

 Tim: GLib, GObject, GTK+/General
 Owen: Pango
 Noah: Input methods
 Matthias: GtkComboBox, GdkPixbuf, GtkTextView (was volunteered...)
 Soeren: GDK, GtkMenu
 Federico: GtkFileChooser

Owen will create a skeleton in the gtk-web module for the 
will-fix list.

Revised schedule

Fri Feb 20        Wil-lFix list finalized; this defines work to be done
for 2.4.0
Mon Feb 23        2.3.3 
Mon March 1       2.3.4  API and feature frozen
Mon March 8       2.4.0
Before March 15   2.4.1 if necessary for GNOME-2.6 RC

Tentatively agreed to continue having Monday evening meetings, same
same time (or maybe a bit earlier).

Miscellaneous notes

* Kris's multi-dnd bug would be nice to get into 2.4 if it is ready;
  Federic to look at the mail that Kris sent to gtk-devel-list
  a while ago.

* Tim was concerned that his proposed changes to accelerator handling
  were getting forgotten about it. Owen to take another look at

* Splitting up the gtk+/gtk category further would help in splitting
  up work; Matthias to add some more categories like 'menus' 

* Long term problem to be solved is the gigantic accumulating mass
  of bugs that are getting pushed from milestone to milestone. One 
  possibility would be to target releases at particular bits of 
  GTK+ with the goal of clearing all bugs from that bit of GTK+
  in that release. E.g., for 2.4.3 say, it is the "GtkNotebook 
  release" and all non-API, non-feature GtkNotebook are either 
  fixed or WONTFIXED.

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