Re: gtktoolbar - packed with invisible widgets ...

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> Hi Soeren,
> 	Just chasing another curious libbonoboui bug (well in fact Arvind did
> most of the work) - with a size-allocated toolbar full of blank-ness; it
> seems the code:
> 	gtk-toolbar.c (gtk_toolbar_size_allocate):
> 	sets up short_size and assigns it to allocations[i].height and also
> item_area.height.
> 	Then it proceeds to do overlaps of these areas - allocations being V/H
> offset - and yet the same height as item_area - thus the areas don't sit
> inside fully and the items are all hidden in the toolbar.
> 	Looks like we need to add some x/ythickness stuff to the item_area
> height to get the != GTK_SHADOW_NONE case to show anything.

Line 1499+:

  item_area.x += allocation->x;
  item_area.y += allocation->y;
  if (get_shadow_type (toolbar) != GTK_SHADOW_NONE)
      item_area.x += widget->style->xthickness;
      item_area.y += widget->style->ythickness;

The item_area *is* offset by x/ythickness. And if the bug was as you
said, _no_ items at all would ever show up, which clearly isn't the

> 	Or is it me ? commenting out the 'translate the items' loop has the
> (side-effect) of rendering the items as you would expect but havn't
> investigated further - not obvious how to re-factor the code for maximum
> beauty here.

If you aren't using CVS HEAD, and libbonoboui is still calling
gtk_container_set_border_width() on the toolbars, then you are seeing

in which case I'll suggest:

        - upgrade to gtk+ HEAD

        - stop calling gtk_container_set_border_width() in

(And please report bugs in bugzilla).


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