Focus fixes on new 2.4 schedule?

Could the change to the globally active input model be
put on the 2.4 schedule now? There is a patch for a
significant portion of the change in bugzilla.

The bugs for the fix can be seen here:

There are some other bugs that would be fixed as a
result, though I haven't searched for them.

I ask that this be done for 2.4 because, when it is done,
there will be a recently added API to deprecate - all of
what pertains to GtkWindow::accept_focus will be redundant.

I can finish the patch for the X11 backend, if that helps.

There is one big issue I see with this: if X11R7 comes
out soon (ha!) and adds timestamp and previous_focus
members to XFocusChangeEvent (ha! ha!), then any code
which relies on WM_TAKE_FOCUS has to be changed.

Caught between hope and despair,

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