glib 2.3.3 and Windows

I've just tried to build glib 2.3.3 under my linux-x-mingw32 build environment (thanks for the release, Owen). After Tor's comment on bug 134813 it wasn't a great surprise that it fell over badly.

My situation is that I have chosen to base the latest application I'm writing on glib 2.3.2 on the basis that 2.4.0 would be released in plenty of time before I was ready to release my own stable version. This now seems in jeopardy.

Given this, I would like to look at solving these problems if noone else more qualified is available to look at these issues this week.

I attach what I have so far - a patch to glibconfig.h to at least allow the build to progress to gmain.c (I don't know if including windows.h from glibconfig.h is a good idea yet, so I haven't yet submitted this to bugzilla).


J. Ali Harlow
ali juiblex co uk
diff -Naurd ../glib-2.3.3/ ./
--- ../glib-2.3.3/	Tue Feb 24 17:30:35 2004
+++ ./	Tue Feb 24 21:48:46 2004
@@ -1993,6 +1993,9 @@
 	if test x$glib_values_h = xyes; then
 	  echo '#include <values.h>' >> $outfile
+	if test x$glib_windows_h = xyes; then
+	  echo '#include <windows.h>' >> $outfile
+	fi
 	if test "$glib_header_alloca_h" = "yes"; then
 	  echo '#define GLIB_HAVE_ALLOCA_H' >> $outfile
@@ -2321,6 +2324,10 @@
+if test x$glib_native_win32 = xyes ; then
+  glib_windows_h=yes
 if test x$ac_cv_header_sys_poll_h = xyes ; then

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