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Hi Ravi,

Check out the Helix Player project at This project contains a gtk widget that wraps the Helix Client, making it easy to create video applications with gtk.

Our mailing list is dev player helixcommunity org, should you want more information.

Ravi Kumar wrote:

Hi all,
I am new to GTK/GDK and want some basic information about the suitability of GTK/GDK for an application. I got the information that GDK is a kind of wrapper around Xlib calls which are used to manipulate graphics display. I want to write an application to display video (not still picture). I have the following doubts, 1. Is GTK or GDK suitable for it? 2. How is the performance of the application when using GTK/GDK in such applications? 3. Is there already any existing application which uses GTK/GDK for displaing video? Any pointers here would help me a lot in my work. regards,
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