Re: glib unicode regular expression api

m�2004-07-05 klockan 09.56 skrev Mark McLoughlin:
> Hey,
> On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 07:51, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > Speaking about libegg, I wonder about the status and destination of some
> > modules: background-monitor and recent-files don't have any obvious
> > destinations, what is their status ? background-monitor seems pretty
> > uninteresting, but recent-files seems to have found broad use, and
> > should probably be moved into a platform library (considering that
> > federico already presented it as "Gnome API" in his fashion show).
> 	We need a maintainer for libegg - someone who'll push uninteresting
> bits out of the module, ensure people are making progress towards
> getting it included in the destination library etc.

We do have maintainers for libegg, they're supposed to be Jonathan and
me :)

Anyway, we discussed what to do with libegg at GUADEC. I think it was
something like this:

* Things from libegg that have gone into the platform libraries should  
be removed or moved to another directory.

* Things that are old, broken or that have been rewritten (combo-old for
example) should be treated in the same way, removed or moved to
"broken-eggs" or whatever :)

* As for getting things into the destination library, that's really up
to the author of the particular code. (But I think that's what you're

> 	I think the background-monitor code is only really used in the panel
> (and we don't just copy and paste it). AFAIR, the idea was that it would
> be used by things like the terminal as well. Sounds like a good
> candidate for removal.

Yeah, I agree. We also have other things that are more widely used than
initially expected (Such as the accelerator cell renderer).

> 	recent-files does need to go into a platform library, but I think its
> going to need a fair bit of re-working first ...

I think Paolo wanted to do (or did) some work on it. 

I think we have another issue here as well. What to do about things that
have no obvious target? The things that come to mind here are the dock
(which is more of an IDE kind of dock than BonoboDock) and the column
chooser. We could say that anything that doesn't have a target platform
library shouldn't be put into libegg, but on the other hand we do have
some things that are actually used in a few places but without a good

Mark, feel free to flame me if I'm sending this to the wrong list... ;)


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