My file selection dialog


I didn't like the fileselection dialog in gtk,
both in look, and what i wanted to do with it.
So rather then complain I wrote my own, I am
now looking for some (constructive) opinion on it.

The code is still a little rough, but it does pretty
much what I was after. I think I'll explain my
thinking behind what I did.

-It descends from from gtktable this is
because i wanted to be easily able to embed it
in another window (not just add a few more buttons
or some other widgets). It has function that will
create a gtkdialog with buttons and the fileselect
widget already added. table because its a compound
widget and thats the top widget in the compound.

-It has a single file view for dirs and files, an
app may want the user to select a dir or a file,
(this can be set by app, see next)
both app and user can filter the view with a regex
(dirs filtered out, will be put in a right click menu)
I think a single view like this is nicer you may disagree
(there is a button to scroll the view past the dirs to
the first regular file)

-It has the concept of 4 basic file types (although unix
centric not total alien to win32) DIR, Regular files,
system files (fifo, block, etc) and other. an app can
set what type it wants to be selectable (and filter
any from view)
The dialog has icons for each of these types, this makes
it look less dull then the old one, the icons come from
stock gtk icons of the current theme (at realise)

-It has a bookmark side pane, which apps can add their own
dirs to

-It has a preview pane, apps must supply a callback to create
a preview widget for a file, and image preview callback is

-The ops bar is not hidable like the old one at the mo

-Hiding, rearranging, and sorting based on columns has not
yet been added

-sync-ing the text box selection and treeview select is a bit
ugly at the moment

I have not looked at all at the code of the old one, i just
steamed on and wrote this one. I have not looked at this
mail list before, I am aware from /. some time ago that
file selection topic cane up once before, I dont know what
the content or result of that discussion went/was.

I am just looking to see what people think


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